Designing Patterns 101: A Guide in Using Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles
New to the art of patterns, especially with using tiles such as porcelain and ceramic? Well, worry no more because in this article, we will be discussing the hows of doing so, and the most popular designs you could do! But first, what tile is the best according to your needs?

Ceramic tiles are strong and durable. They also have a lesser porous body, so it is only good if you are placing it in an area where less moisture is present. These are also the cheaper choice. However, if you are looking for higher water absorption, and a stronger and durable option, porcelain tile is a good choice. It is perfect for outdoor areas that are exposed to moisture and rain as it won’t easily be damaged. Porcelain tiles are more costly than the former.

You can use ceramic tiles for DIY projects because they are less dense, easier to cut and shape. They are also not as brittle and delicate as porcelain tiles. On the other hand, if the area has heavy foot traffic, porcelain tiles should be used as they are highly resistant to scratches. Still, both can make your home exquisite and more beautiful! So it really depends on your choice.

Now, let’s discuss some of the most beloved pattern styles for both tiles:

If you want a fun and quirky way to express yourself, then you can do this design pattern! Its zigzagged lines exude exciting and unique energy, especially if mixed with pastel colors. On the other hand, for a classic yet dynamic tone feels, you can opt to pair it with a combination of black and white or red and black.
The good thing about this is that there are so many available pre-fabricated tiles with a chevron pattern, so no need for sweating and doing all the work. Just align the borders carefully so that transitions between lines are clean. You can also head on to Monalisa Tiles for some of the best colors and varieties for this!

Basket Weave
This design resembles the texture and style of a fiber basket. It is a classic and fool-proof design, and it really isn’t hard to assemble as it is only made with rectangular-shaped tiles. There is little to no waste with the tiles used as the excess can be utilized and used in the area where it is installed.

Hexagonal Shape
With its unique design, your room will really feel fresh and will probably catch your visitor’s attention! You can use a pristine white color if you want to have a clean but striking look. However, you can also install a combination of cool colors such as emerald and navy blue with a glossy finish. This could make your room have an aquatic feel!