Ceramic vs Porcelain: Which One is Best
When it comes to tiles, porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles appear more often, than not, together or against each other. Sometimes, they are even interchanged as if they were the same as one another. There is even this unspoken debate about which one is better than the other.

So, to put it to rest, we decided to list down the pros and cons of each other to compare them together and get to the bottom of it. Here’s what we have to say about the matter.

Ceramic: Pros
  • Easier to handle and is great for DIY projects as they are easier to cut and install
  • Cheaper compared to porcelain so it’s perfect for a large floor area
  • Comes in a variety of colors and patterns that will fit any design concept
  • Can survive a for a long time on light foot traffic areas

Ceramic: Cons
  • Absorbs 0.5% of water on the surface if not wiped off immediately (The Spruce, 2021)
  • Only good for indoor usage
  • Chips are more noticeable due to the underlying clay source color

Porcelain: Pros
  • Harder than ceramic tiles due to being heated to a higher temperature
  • Can survive even with a really heavy foot traffic
  • Can be used for both exterior and interior designs
  • Absorbs less than 0.5% water or moisture on the surface so it’s great for moisture prone areas like kitchens or bathrooms (The Spruce, 2021)
  • Chips are not noticeable right away due to through and through color

Porcelain: Cons
  • More expensive than ceramic tiles
  • Comes in solid colors mostly so there are only limited options
  • Needs professionals to install as it’s not easy to cut
  • More brittle than ceramic tiles

Though they might look almost the same, there are some differences between ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. Choosing the right one is just a matter of need and want to have for the design.