Break the Monopoly of Foreign Technology: Monalisa’s Inception of Mass Production of 3.6-Meter Porcelain Panel
The first HT36000 press machine developed by Monalisa and HLT went into production formally at Monalisa’s Xiqiao manufacturing site and the first 1600x3600mm super large format porcelain panel was beautifully and successfully made.

This is the first press machine with super large press size in China. For China’s ceramic industry, it is a landmark of technological innovation and an important symbol to measure the production capacity of porcelain panels.

The production line of Monalisa porcelain panel has completely adopted domestic ceramic equipment, including press, ink-jet printing machine, bell jar glaze applicator, edging machine, polishing machine, etc. To a certain extent, it has driven the development of domestic ceramic equipment enterprises and promoted the formation of a complete supply chain.

From the research and development of the first 900x1800 porcelain panel long ago to now the production of the 3600x1600mm porcelain panel, Monalisa has been working on promoting the vigorous development of China's porcelain panel and leading the ceramic industry in China into a Made in China Era!