Be sure to pay attention to these when porcelain tile
1. Listen to the sound

Use a hard object to tap the middle and lower part of the tile with the palm of your hand facing the back. If there is a crisp sound, it means that the degree of porcelain is high and the quality is good; if there is a dull sound, it means that the degree of porcelain is low and the quality is poor.

2. Drip test

Put water on the back of the tile, and see how quickly the water soaks. Generally speaking, the slower the water absorption, the denser the tile; on the contrary, the faster the water absorption, the sparser the density of the tile, and the former is the best in its internal quality.

3. Size

When purchasing, you can use a straight and dried marking line to measure. If the curl is uneven, there is a possibility of warping. In addition, it can also be detected with the help of tools such as a square or a card board.

4. Weight

For ceramic tiles of the same specification and thickness, the heavier the ceramic tile, the lower the water absorption rate and the better the internal quality, and it is easy to produce a strong visual effect after paving.