Bathroom ceramic tiles can not be arbitrarily selected
The bathroom is the most frequently used home space in the family, and the importance of its decoration is self-evident. Bathrooms generally use ceramic tiles as paving materials, which can be simply divided into light-colored tiles and dark-colored tiles according to the color system. But there are more families using light-colored bathroom tiles. Do you know why?

1. Dirt-resistant

Many people will enter a misunderstanding when choosing bathroom tiles, that is, dark colors and dirt resistance. But the opposite is true. Light-colored tiles are more stain-resistant than dark-colored tiles. Because the color of light-colored ceramic tiles is similar to the color of water stains, as long as you don't pay great attention to it, you can't see it.

Dark tiles are different, but if there is a little water stain, it will leave very obvious traces. Bright dark tiles are fine, just wipe them with a rag and they will be clean; but if you choose matte non-slip tiles, water stains will easily adhere to them and cannot be wiped off, and the color of that piece will become more and more more prominent.

2. Visually increase the space

The area of ​​the bathroom in ordinary people's homes is generally about 5-10 square meters. If it is a small apartment, the area of ​​the bathroom will be even smaller. Since the light-colored tiles have good reflective properties, the light will be reflected in all directions as soon as it hits it, so that the visual space will feel much larger than before.

However, dark colors absorb light. Using dark ceramic tiles to pave the bathroom will cause the entire space to become very depressing. People will feel uncomfortable and insecure in this environment.

3. It is easier to match with other households

In order to create a clean and tidy space atmosphere, the toilets, sinks, bathtubs and other bathroom products in the bathroom are all white and bright. Light-colored tiles are similar in color to these bathroom products, and visually look very harmonious and unified. Dark tiles have a strong contrast effect, which is very visually obtrusive.