Advantages and disadvantages of porcelain tiles
1. Environmental protection and energy saving, saving raw materials, reducing pollution, with excellent properties such as high hardness, wear resistance, ultra-low water absorption, fully demonstrating the concept of energy saving and environmental protection;

2. Space saving The thickness of the thinnest ultra-thin brick is only one-third of the traditional brick, so it can save space. For a kitchen or bathroom of five or six square meters, the use of ultra-thin bricks can save about the area compared to the use of traditional bricks;

3. It is easy to cut, with low noise and less dust. The tough and porcelain tile do not need to be cut with a tile cutter, but can be cut with an ordinary cutter, with low noise and less dust. Ultra-thin bricks have certain toughness and are not afraid of the warping phenomenon of conventional tiles.

4. Long life, easy care, long life, non-flammable, do not absorb or emit sparks. Excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance makes thin slab tiles low maintenance and easy to clean during use.