About the various advantages of marble tiles
Marble tiles not only have the transparent and heavy texture of natural stone, but also have physical and chemical properties that surpass the latter. However, as a rising star in the category of ceramic tiles, many consumers are not familiar with marble tiles. At this time, terminal sales personnel are required to provide professional introductions based on the advantages of marble tiles, so that consumers have a clear understanding of marble tiles, so as to start in the sales process. The effect of getting twice the result with half the effort.

marble tile

1 There are thousands of images, and the texture is full of changes

Reality is the soul of marble tiles, and the fidelity of texture is not comparable to that of traditional full polished glaze. The texture of marble tiles comes from rare stones from all over the world. Through infrared detection and scanning technology, all sides and sides of the brick body are detected. In order to avoid the overall paving effect, the effect is that one stone has multiple sides. At the same time, some consumers mistakenly believe that there is a "color difference" problem in ceramic tiles due to multiple sides with one stone. These "deliberate" color difference effects make the overall paving effect of marble tiles natural and smooth, the texture is full of changes, and the smart changes, breaking the saying that "marble is alive, but tiles are dead".

In terms of craftsmanship, the upgrading of glazes and the new printing process escort the realistic presentation of marble tile textures. Marble tiles have strict requirements for glazes. On the one hand, high-quality glazes ensure the exquisite and rich colors, and on the other hand, they can also make the tiles more wear-resistant. The printing process for producing marble can be roughly divided into three types. One is inkjet printing; the other is a special printing net designed and made according to the marble pattern; and the third is a combination of the above two. The three printing processes have their own characteristics, but in the final analysis, they are all for the realistic presentation of the marble texture.

2Bright side or soft side have their own strengths

Today's ceramic tile polishing technology is very mature. Hard polishing ensures the flatness of the product, and soft polishing technology enables marble tiles to have the best visual comfort. The gloss of bright marble tiles can reach the luster of natural marble after waxing, and the paving effect is magnificent. The soft marble is gentle and elegant, does not pursue a bright surface, and has a good visual effect.