A Kitchen Lookout: Tiles Design and Tips for you!
All of us have already witnessed a kitchen mess. Even if you are not a chef, and just a simple homebody trying to fry an egg, I sure know you have already experienced getting the kitchen dirty and icky. Oily surfaces, sticky walls, and pan splatters - or just everything in between, many had already struggled to make this part of the room regularly clean. That’s why it is a must for you to know the different tile designs for walls that will make your kitchen immaculate! Additionally, we will be discussing tips and tricks to help you maintain this room’s glow.

Subway Tile Accent
Classic design it may be, but it sure is popular and a perfect choice for your kitchen! You can keep your room look fresh and pleasing to the eyes by choosing a bold color, a contrasting grout color, or a unique pattern on your kitchen’s wall. What’s best about this is that there are so many patterns you can choose from as these are available in many stores, especially in Monalisa Tiles.

Pro tips: Install a neutral color in an unexpected pattern to make a big statement. Furthermore, you can add a twist by installing a textured tile or add contrast by installing a recessed shelf with a tile design that is unique and very bold.

Tile Mosaics
Don’t be afraid to make a whole accent wall out of these tiles! Due to their small-scale tiles, they are perfect to be used as a kitchen backsplash. You can use varieties of tiles made out of other materials such as glass, ceramic, porcelain, marbles, and mosaics to contrast it and add a pop of color and shape to the kitchen.

Pro tips: To add an interesting element to a white wall, you can use mosaic tiles. You can also get funky and creative by choosing unique shapes and sizes to make your kitchen walls catch the eye of any home visitor!

Scalloped Tiles
If you want to be unique, and not opt for designs that are angular and hard in shape, then these scalloped tiles are for you! With their soft and pastel colors and interesting shape, they can create a fish-scale-like design on your kitchen wall. The only downside is that the installation will be more tricky, due to its shape compared to standard-shaped tiles.

Glass Splashbacks
These large pieces of tempered glass with patterns and prints are making their way to the top in Europe and United States due to their undeniable eye-catching style. It really does make a statement if placed behind the sink or over your stovetop.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on to Monalisa Tiles now to choose the best kitchen tile for you!
 Glass splashbacks, which are large pieces of tempered glass that usually have a pattern or print, are popular in Europe and have begun making their mark in the United States. Use these eye-catching pieces to make a statement over a stovetop or behind a sink.