Sintered Stone 76-255DB13009M
Sintered Stone 76-255DB13009M
Sintered Stone 76-255DB13009M
It is a new porcelain material with super size, which can withstand various high-intensity processing. It is even harder than granite.
GHA grade resistance, zero penetration of chemical corrosion, resistance to various solutions, disinfectants and other chemicals. Pure natural materials, NSF food grade surface certification, the food can be put on the sintered stone directly.
Breaking the application boundary, the design, processing and application are more diversified and extensive to meet the application requirements of high standards.
Model  Size(mm/in) Thickness(mm) Surface Effect 
76-255DB13009M 760X2550(30.4"X102") 13.5 Glazed Matt
Sintered Stone

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*The space application effect is for refernce only, please refer to the actual product
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